I am brave…


Happy Monday!

Today I am brave… and so are you. Because today we will take on this new week with a fresh attitude and a new determination to get one step closer to our dream, and that’s BRAVE. Not everyone can do that. That’s what makes us special.

Today I want you to write down 5 “I am” statements that give you POWER. These statements must be who you WANT to be, not who you currently are. So if you feel weak, I want your statement to be: “I am STRONG.”

If you feel incapable, I want your statement to be: “I am capable of greatness.”

If you want to get down on yourself today, I want you to MAKE A DECISION that you will build yourself UP, rather than tear yourself down.

Complete these:

I am……

I am….

I am….

I am…

I am…

Say them as you mean them, out loud morning and night every day this week. Say them until they ARE YOUR REALITY. Speak them into existence.

Ok, now go DOMINATE this Monday!

Coach Nathali

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