I Believe in You

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to remind you this morning, that I believe in you! If you’ve ever felt like there’s no one in your corner, just know… that’s totally normal! We all deal with that at various points in our journey.
But here’s the thing, you don’t need to wait for anyone to believe in you. Don’t expect the people around you to believe in your vision and your dreams, because chances are, they won’t Not initially anyway and that’s just fine. Remember, those dreams are YOURS, not theirs. So the only one who truly needs to believe in them is YOU.

Your faith in yourself and your dreams can move mountains. It can create miracles. Never forget that!

So, just start (or keep) doing you.

Sometimes the best way to get them on board is just to quietly hustle. PROVE to yourself that you’re serious, over time, others will see that and come around. No one will argue with results.

Do it for you. Don’t do it for the acclaim, praise or adoration from anyone else, because that is hollow and will keep you craving it with unrealistic expectations of everyone around you. The only praise, belief, cheering you need, is your dreams. Keep your focus on them, and the rest will take care of itself.

If you’re doing it for YOU, then nothing anyone says can stand between you and your dreams and no one will hold power over your emotions or belief.

Ok… go do you!


Coach Nathali

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