From Corporate To Becoming A Business Owner

Bored at work?

Maybe the stuff that you studied in our 20’s and the career you’ve been building so far is just not quite how you’d like to spend the “rest of your life” doing? I get it. I had those deep thoughts for years ago, and they luckily materialized in a different type of lifestyle and work.

But here’s the thing: it’s not easy.

I remember being a pretty know-it-all and thinking: “how hard can it be, run my own company?” Turned out: pretty damn hard.

And the hard thing is not necessarily to now know how to do things; it’s more about deciding WHAT my direction should be?

I mean:

As a consultant, you get an assignment and you deliver results.
As an employee, you get directions from your manager, team, and whoever decides the direction for the business.
As a business owner: YOU need to set the direction, and it’s hard to know whether that direction is the right direction.

Now, this doesn’t make sense if you haven’t tried to run a business yet.

Many of the strategies and tactics we, my team at Avenue, talk about and teach you don’t make sense if you haven’t started yet. However, it’s crucial that you get a good start for your business that can speed up the transition from a corporate employee to a full-time business owner.

We just opened the Avenue Program for beginners too. For a long time, we have only been working with established business owners, but we now allow beginners to join our group too. Getting a SYSTEM for your growth path is essential so you can avoid burnout, doing stuff that doesn’t make any difference, and have someone to bounce ideas off, and get guidance.

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