What would you do if you had a million dollar?

Good Morning!

Todays focus question is fun! What would you do if you had a million dollars?? Today!? If that was deposited into you account this afternoon, how would you spend the day? How would you feel today?

Your assignment today is to allow yourself to day-dream about this possibility (and let’s be honest it IS a possibility, people win the lottery all the time, other awesome things can happen to), so let’s just dream about it together today, shall we?

I want you to spend as much time as you can today visualizing fun things you’d do. Who you’d do them with. Where you’d go. How you would feel. How it would make the people feel around you… allow this joyous fantasy to control your thoughts today… maybe even spend some time on Pinterest looking up photos that match!

Let this be the optimistic and manifesting energy you bring to this awesome day!

Have a blast! I know I will!


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