Spiritual cards from The Moon Deck

Totally lovely spiritual cards from The Moon Deck. (the text is in English)

  • 44 lovingly illustrated cards with powerful mantras
  • The accompanying guidebook with rituals tailor-made for each card
  • The collectors edition: The handmade wooden box Wood Moon box to store your spiritual cards in.

The Moon Deck is an interactive tool to get in touch with your intuition and emotional health through the love you give yourself and the ritual path. This set is inspired by the lunar cyclical beauty and the woman’s inherent wisdom and power.
You can use the cards as an oracle guide, a daily tool for reflection and in meditation. Or in tarot-inspiring layouts.

The moon card comes in a handmade beautiful wooden box and is always blessed with lots of love.

The Moon deck is printed on FSC-certified paper with herbal ink. Moon Box is the handmade wooden box made by manufacturers in India as The Moon deck has been working closely with since 2015 to get it right.

Since the wooden box is handmade, each box is unique and unique. Each box can vary slightly in color, wood grain and/or shape. Please rest assured that your box selected you and is the perfect home for your deck.

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