Is really funny to see or read about how some people are annoying of something relevant as if my website is .eu .com .se

I don’t know if my content on my homepage sucks or my message so unclear that I have people that are annoyed about my EU domain.

Actually, I really find this very fascinating and I will give you mine why?

Why my domain is EU and not COME, SE or something else?

This is my story: I was born in Thailand (my mother is Thai), moved to Sweden at 4 years old with my German stepfather and my mother.

I want you to imagine 3 countries Sweden/Germany/Thailand – three different country with three totally different cultures and we will sum up with two more countries that made a big impact on me and my life… and the two more members are Greece and Spain.

In total, I have been shaped with cultures from Sweden/Germany/Thailand/Greece/Spain and if you ask me: Nathali where are you from?, I use to answer with hesitation and say: Sweden because that is my nationality in the passport that I own… I remember asking myself every single time I said that… Are you really Swedish Nathali? and after that asking myself Why I am doubting about that?

Now I can clearly and proudly say, because I have never ever felt that I belonged to any of these countries even though I was born in Thailand, raised up in Sweden and lived in Stockholm, Berlin, Crete, Majorca, Barcelona, and Madrid… and when I say LIVE, I mean really live among people and really try to understand the countries culture and customs they have.

I thought when I was young that these confusing thoughts and feelings, that I don’t belong anywhere was because of my family “culture” situations… and I remember and realized when I look back now, when people were asking Where are you from and I reply as I joke, Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home), I sometimes even sing it for them.. That was the only times I didn’t feel any doubt bubbling up within me after saying that… because I see myself as A Global citizen, despite my nationality, where I was born or are living…

Why, and not an or as my domain… because I Am A Global citizen, that’s why!

Hmm… Now when I think of it – probably to stick out and get this opportunity to explain myself and get my post to resonate with some people out there… if that is the case, I just want to say I’m grateful that I could help out and it’s totally ok… that WHEREVER YOU LAY YOUR HAT THAT’S YOUR HOME – just enjoy the small things in life and never ever stop Smiling & Shining and keep be your unique you!

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