Hi, my name is Nathali and I am thrilled you’re here. As a Spiritual Biz/Life/Transformation/Art Coach/Knowledge Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer and Writer, I am dedicated to helping people tap back into their happiest, most truthful + compassionate self.

My specialty is helping you that have gone through an abortion, to get rid of acute grief that often may be difficult to cope with alone. Feelings of sorrow? Shame? Quilt? Anger? Grief? Are totally normal after abortion, I know I have been through that experience. My methods to help you express your grief are through writing, painting, be in nature and to belong to a community where you can talk with like-minded people.

I am interested in the science, art, and mysticism of personal growth + well-being. I share on mindfulness + meditation, health + wellness, holistic healing and the journey of a multi-passionate – all the while, sharing my explorations + discoveries in hopes of inspiring you to tap back into your truest sense of well-being.

​The approach is Whether it be through walk-talk therapy, art therapy, writing therapy, mindfulness, guided visualizations, mindset, energy healing or meditation, the work is designed to facilitate you moving from a constricted place of judgment + self-criticism to an open place of self-love + compassion.

I’m looking forward to being working with you. Until then Enjoy the small things in life and always keep Smiling & Shining!

Xoxo Nathali

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